Geetha is an experienced, upbeat team player, who cares about the intersection between design and social impact.

Committed, Passionate & Multidisciplinary

Geetha brings to her UX work a unique background in psychology, research and education. Before her design career, she created and deployed large-scale community development initiatives, where she learned to pilot and create solutions based on user and community needs.

At Favorite Medium, a global design and technology firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo, Geetha has worked on a wide-range of products, including mobile software connected to cutting-edge IoT devices, enterprise applications and consumer-facing MVP products. Recent work includes digital products for Steelcase, Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator and Abbott Diabetes Care.

Endlessly inquisitive, Geetha soaks up knowledge and information from a variety of fields including urban planning, food culture, graphic design, literature, contemplative practices and, of course, product design. Noticing this thirst for knowledge, Favorite Medium put Geetha in charge of “FM Made This”, a monthly session that allows designers and developers to share how they built a product and solved a problem for a client.

Strategic & Practical

During her design career, Geetha has helped clients shape the strategic direction of products, including MVP feature prioritization and roadmaps. She has a holistic process that involves research to understand user needs to garner key product-related insights, designing wireframes and prototypes, establishing a product’s information architecture and validating design decisions through both concept testing and usability studies. Geetha also has experience running design sprints.

Her toolkit includes designing and conducting stakeholder and user interviews, running design workshops, setting up remote tests to validate information architecture and conduct task analyses, creating stimuli for concept testing and designing wireframes for usability testing. Geetha also works closely with her technical project manager, visual designer and developers to share design insights, write wireframe developer notes, create and track tickets during the design handoff process and QA products during the coding/building process.

Flexible & Collaborative

Geetha is best characterized as energetic and bubbly. Her jovial attitude helps to bring her teammates together.

Due to her excellent project management skills developed over the course of her career, Geetha knows how to collaborate closely with her colleagues to complete projects successfully. She keeps tracks of the details, raises issues around project constraints and blockers and ensures that her colleagues have what they need from her to execute their work.

Geetha also has experience managing contractors and interns. Her encouraging nature, sage advice and positive attitude are seen as assets by those she works alongside.